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Genuine Onyx Classic STUDS for Tuxedo Shirt in Silver. This set is made of a composit material with a silver and rhodioum plating with an onyx stone. Eternity satin poly pocket square in Gray. The measurements of the pocket square is 10x10. Vest in Eternity Yellow Full back vest with six buttons and two real pockets. This vest has an adjustable strap on the back that is hidden. The lining and back are white. This is a vest only. The vest is double basted and French faced, which means this vest will last you through 30 thirty dry cleanings. It should be dry cleaned but can be washed in cold water. Don't let the price fool you. This is a very high quality vest that retails for $85 or more in most stores. We are the direct importers of the product and can pass on the saving to you. Cummerbund and bow tie made of polyester Patrick Green satin. The classic adjustable set in a 2.5 pre-tied bow tie. Men's cummerbunds measures out to 43 inches around the waist, stretches out to 60 inches. Available in men's and boys sizes in many colors.
Studs GENUINE ONYX Tuxed Studs Set Silver Pocket Square GRAY ETERNITY Satin Pocket Square Tuxedo Vest Yellow Full Back Eternity Vest Only Cummerbund PATRICK GREEN SATIN Cummerbund WHOLESALE

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