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Classic PURPLE Satin pre-tied Bowtie. This a banded adjustable tie which means it has an adjustable band that goes around the neck and clasps under the bow tie. Available in mens and boys sizes. MENS tie measures 2.5 in wide and 4.5 in long, adjusts from 10 in to 19.5 in around the neck. BOYS tie measures 1.5 in wide and 3 3/4 in long, adjusts from 8 in to 15.5 in around the neck. This is a sample collection includes the whole line of the 22 Geo colors. Will also include bow tie and neck tie for each color. Geo satin poly pocket square in Antique Gold. The measurements of the pocket square is 10x10. Cravat in True Gold for a tuxedo in polyester satin. Comes with a pearl pin that can be replaced with any other tie pin. It is pretied with an adjustable neck band that adjusts for necks from 13 to 22. Can be worn with our matching vests or with a black vest. Can also be worn in place of an Ascot tie.
Bowtie PURPLE SATIN Bowtie WHOLESALE GEO Vest Sample Collection Pocket Square ANTIQUE GOLD GEO Satin Pocket Square Cravat TRUE GOLD Satin Cravat for a tuxedo

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